6 November 2016

Online course

Our online course is now available!

Raivotech offers you new innovative online resources to improve the quality of your volunteering management in digital education youth work.

Designed by experienced youth workers and specifically to address challenges in youth work, this is the perfect course for you if you are involved in an organisation managing volunteers in the field of digital education and youth work.

The full course is offered free of charge on Moodle and you can also view the videos on our Youtube channel.

You will be able to view short videos on various topics such as recruitment, training, retaining and rewarding volunteers as well as capacity building for your organisation.

After each session, you will be able to put in practice what you have learned thanks to case studies that you can apply directly to your organisation.

You will also be able to exchange with the community on our online forum.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement as well as your youthpass.

This very practical course should take a few hours to complete, more if you want to in depth into applying tools and methodologies to your organisation. Our goal is to make you save time in implementing new ideas in your organisation, becoming more efficient in the way you manage volunteers.